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“Don’t expect the characters to attend any more college classes than they did high school classes. “Class is boring television.”” — Julie Plec  (via ifancyklaroline)

Wake Up Calls In The Hacate Cabin | Elena & Rebekah


“Not all of them are that bad. It’s just… Erica’s a bitch.” Elena did the same, getting dressed in the camp’s orange shirt and a pair of jeans. “I’ll bear that in mind and try to ask him about training me but right now, let’s go get something to eat. We can’t beat people up on an empty stomach.” 


Rebekah nodded Elena’s evaluation of Erica as she plopped herself back on the bed for the moment, until the other finished getting ready. Yes it was still dark out but given their affinity for magic she highly doubted they would get caught out in the middle of the night. Besides rules had changed now that vampires were in camp. “Very true. Lead the way.” She stated as she rose from the bed.”


His head tilted to the side as a sadistic smile crept onto his lips. “Bekah, don’t bombard me with bothersome questions.”


“It appears we’ve seem to entered some…portal in the dimension. I thought you knew where we were going Rebekah.” He crossed his arms, turning to the side and shifting his weight on the other foot to face her.

"Why the bloody hell did you think that? Do I look like a road map?" Rebekah questioned as her eyes narrowed and a loud crack of thunder sounded in the sky above them, a signal of her annoyance. "Don’t answer that." She commented. "I was merely following you." She admitted. "No matter I’m hungry, let’s eat someone." She stated with her classic ‘give me what I want, I’m your little sister’ pout. "Actually if I am to be stuck in this.. dreadful place then lets make a mark, what say you about a little town massacre? It would be akin to the good old days. Like Rome in.. what was it, just after Ceasar’s death was it not?"

Rebekah had not been adjusting to New Orleans well over the last month and she made no attempt to conceal this fact. She had finally been allowed to become human, experience a normal life only for it to be shattered by Derek’s death and her being uprooted from Beacon Hills to New Orleans, not to mention the fact that her brother was basically using her friends as his own personal army and that her now being a witch made the disrespectful little weasel Marcel think he could now somehow have some form of control over her. Returning from enrolling in classes at the university, Elijah was paying for her classes since she couldn’t compel anyone, she slammed the door muttering something along the lines of.. ‘weasel vampire’ as she sought out Elijah. 

Brave New World AU: A Teen Wolf/TVD X-Over


This is an independent, alternate universe which crosses over The Vampire Diaries with Teen Wolf and takes place post season four of TVD and post season three of Teen Wolf, while it’s primary current location is New Orleans. It can be noted that there are a few changes to canon within this verse which will be stated below. This is an active and large verse and therefore while we understand that you may need to go on hiatus, let us know in advance otherwise characters that have been inactive for more then five days without notice will be reopened.

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Summer Background

Following Silas rising and the expression triangle being created, Bonnie died using too much magic, Katherine was killed by Elena, and Meredith was forced to kill her own brother in self-defense; meanwhile across the country a small level of peace finally set over the town of Beacon Hills in the wake of the kanima attacks. Over that summer, in New Orleans the Original Klaus began to establish footing in the Marcel run town, Hayley still carrying his child, Elijah bringing Meredith to town, and the witches seeking Marcel’s end while in Mystic Falls everyone appeared to have a break from drama for the summer. However in Beacon Hills they were not as lucky as the Alpha pack made their move resulting in the death of Derek Hale, Rebekah Mikaelson’s near death experience in her attempt to save Derek and the turning of Stiles into a werewolf. Shortly after Klaus Mikaelson discovered Katherine’s resurrection he compelled her to stay in New Orleans and determined to use her blood to make more hybrids traveling to Beacon Hills resulting in Derek’s pack being turned into hybrids, including Scott and Stiles and Lydia and Allison’s turning into vampires and soon traveling to New Orleans. 


A month later as everyone has settled, to the best of their ability, in New Orleans, Marcel catches wind of the stirrings of revolt as Klaus assembles his resources and for lack of a better term, army, ready to take back control of the town he helped to create with his family over a century previous. However, he does not count on Scott and Isaac becoming unsired, assisted by Klaus’ own sister Rebekah, or the arrival of the Mystic Falls gang whom have joined Meredith at New Orleans University. As tensions in New Orleans grow and with a baby soon to be born, issues within all the ranks, teenage and college drama vampire and werewolf drama, and a supernatural community taking sides what will happen next only time will tell.

Character Changes to Canon

  • Rebekah left town following season three and did spent a year in Beacon Hills where she was involved with Derek Hale before being dragged back to Mystic Falls by her brother Nik shortly before the search for the cure. She also almost killed the others during the search for the cure in vengeance for her brother kol’s death. Rebekah also took the cure after prom and Silas never got it. Follow this and her regaining her magic she used it to bring her brother Kol back when the veil was dropped therefore Kol is alive. 
  • Meredith Sulez-Fell: Like in the novels, Meredith is a half-vampire/half-human turned by Klaus when she was three along with her twin brother. She also grew up with Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline. See her biography for more information, it also includes the backstory between Klaus and her family.
  • Kol, Jeremy, and Bonnie are have been brought back.
  • Katherine was killed by Elena, however while on the other side she was resurrected by her mother whom is a Guardian, she is also Elena’s half-sister. (Guardians will not play a part in this verse other then this one mention however they are a concept from the novels). 
  • Elena’s canon ignores the adoption arc of the show, her mother instead being a Guardian like in the novels making Katherine her half-sister, them sharing the same mother. 

{Taken Characters}

Teen Wolf ~ Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds

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